Our Best Ukulele For Beginners Pick : The Lanikai LUTU-21S Soprano Ukulele

The Lanikai LUTU-21S Soprano Ukulele is considered as the best ukulele for beginners because it has a wide (37mm) compensated nut. It also comes with adjustable TunaUke saddles. What really makes this one special, however, is that it has all those features yet still costs less than $100 and it creates the correct intonations anywhere you play on the fret-board. Generally speaking, if you find a soprano uke at less than $100, you will likely find that it is quite difficult to play it and tune it, always feeling as if something doesn’t quite sound right, particularly if you go past the 7th fret. However, Lanikai has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to create something that sounds great, plays great, and has a great price tag to boot. This is the type of instrument that beginners can fall in love with, encouraging them to keep on playing.